Board of Directors

There are currently three members on our Board of Directors that govern the Organization they are as follows:

Ryan Magnan Director/Secretary: Mr. Magnan is currently a landlord/homeowner that live in Peoria, he has been with our board since our incorporation last year.

Gerardo F Bonifaz Director/Treasurer/Internal VP: Mr.bonifaz immigrated from Peru in the 1970’s for political reasons, he has experience in taxes and is also a real estate agent.


Matthew Egler Director/President: Mr. Egler is a graduate from ASU, His major is in Political Science. Mr. Egler is one of the original Three founders of the organization, and has been with us since 2012 when we were nothing but a small group of volunteers. He got is Fraternity back on campus at Texas A&M – commerce and served as a secretary on the Executive Board, Scholarship Chair, andFundraiser Chair, all at the same time. Mr. Egler is also a Democratic Precinct Committeemen representing Westbrook Precinct in LD 22.