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Thank you for your interest in The Valley Leadership Council™ . The VLC™ exists to promote the interests of the people of Arizona by Combating Voter Apathy in order to make our government more representative of the people it governs. We began as a collection of Precinct Committeemen and Volunteers who were doing our best to get out the vote. We successfully turned El mirage blue in 2012, we knocked on a 1000 doors in order to do so and got the voter participation rate up, being an example to other precincts. After this, we got into a political fight with party leaders, for which reason we became more organized and decided to incorporate as a Section 501C-4 non-profit. We have dedicated our time and resources in order to organize individuals in the most efficient and effective way possible in order to effect change in our current politics. We work against the influences of money and class in order to effect the greatest possible benefit to all involved. We work tirelessly to finding better solutions for the people through such methods as reforming the parties, and changing the structure of our government in order to suit the needs of its constituents. Please help us to address the issue of Voter Apathy Within our community by donating(not tax deductible, no refunds) or volunteering. If you are interested in volunteering please go to the contact us page to learn more.